10 Best Suits For Red Hood In Gotham Knights


In Gotham Knights, players can change the look of their favorite Bat-family member. This is the best gear for Red Hood to wear.

Gotham Knights shows that it’s a proud tradition for superheroes to have a lot of different outfits. The Bat-family is no different, and the four main family members have a variety of costumes from which to choose. The Red Hood, whose real name is Jason Todd, takes after his strange family in the way he dresses.

Warner Bros. and WB Montreal have given players a number of options for what to wear while taking Hood through the streets and rooftops of Gotham City. Some costumes are just cooler than others, and in the world of comic books, the Rule of Cool is very important.

New Guard

This is a different color of his default Gotham Knights outfit, which works well for the vigilante bruiser. The gray hoodie goes well with the light armor on his arms and legs, making him look like a regular person. Anyone who sees him coming would be scared.

The only big problem is that the outfit is almost exactly the same as the standard Red Hood outfit, except for the colors.


The design of the Beyond suit is based on the ideas of Terry McGinnis, who plays Batman (Beyond) in the far future, when Gotham has become a cyberpunk hub of activity. The form-fitting nano-suit style works well as a near-future idea, and the leg spikes are an interesting take on the arm gauntlets seen on most Batman suits.

The only complaint would be that the suit isn’t black or gray, which are common colors for Red Hood’s outfits in DC Comics. Also, the suit seems out of place in modern Gotham City because it doesn’t have the cyberpunk style it was meant to go with.


With its flared jackets, wide gauntlets, and lots of belts, the Privateer outfit is based on the style of pirates from before industrialization. The design doesn’t make the same mistake that many other costumes from the past do, and it looks good in a modern setting.

It shows how much it was inspired by pirates. But it still works as a suit that Jason Todd would wear on patrol.

Knight Ops

The Knight Ops suit is sleek, efficient, and military-looking. It is the perfect outfit for the cruel and efficient Red Hood to wear when dealing with the worst people in the criminal underworld. The dark colors are used as accents on a military/police off-white and deep blue background. This gives the suit a government or prototype look that is perfect for the Bat-family.

The Knight Ops is as close as someone like Jason could get to brutalist minimalism without losing Batman’s style.

Neon Noir

The all-black or all-gray outfit is a common trope in comics. Superheroes like Spider-Man and Superman have dark-colored outfits for special events or stories that stand out. Neon Noir is perfect for people who want to keep Jason as hidden as possible. Even though the suit itself doesn’t give Jason a stealth bonus in Gotham Knights game.

The only bad thing about it is the lack of color, which is also what makes people notice it. Even though Red Hood’s suit isn’t as colorful as Robin’s or Starfire’s, having some color can help make a suit stand out.


The Talon suit is a good example of a costume that comes from the main idea of the story. The suit gives Jason the right look of other Talon agents that he and the Bat-family fight against in the main storyline, either as a “What-If?” idea of Jason being turned into a Talon agent or as a “What-If?” idea of Jason taking his enemy’s technology and making it work for him.

No matter how or why, the Talon suit fits perfectly into the idea of the Red Hood and looks great in action.


Even though Red Hood’s default outfit isn’t perfect. It looks good on Jason Todd and is a good place to start. The mesh hoodie that is part of his armored undersuit is a high-tech version of his usual jacket-over-armor outfit. This is a natural result of Red Hood having access to Wayne Enterprises’ technologies and money.

Even though it’s not the most stylish or recognizable outfit. The default uniform is one of the better ones in the game. Sometimes making small changes to a design is better than trying to start from scratch.


Another design for a mostly black suit, but this one fits Red Hood much better. The Knighthood lets Jason wear a black cut-off leather jacket over black armor and a black undersuit, with a bright red bat symbol outlined on the chest. This is unlocked after he finishes the game once.

Even though this bat symbol isn’t fully colored. The contrast between the colors makes the outline stand out more than other bat symbols. This shows Jason’s loyalty to Bruce’s ideas in his own unique way. It’s cool, sleek, and easy to remember, just like the Bat-family likes their costumes.


Knightwatch is a beautiful 3D version of Jason’s 2-D design. Which is based on one of Red Hood’s common outfits in DC Comics. The mix of colors, broken up by black straps and padding, is a great combination of Jason Todd’s more realistic weapons and clothes with Wayne Tech’s armor and technologies.

It’s almost a given that superhero video games will have costumes from comic books, movies, and cartoons. The fact that one of Jason Todd’s most famous outfits can be worn in Slope Game is another step toward making the game like an interactive comic book. Any player who uses Red Hood should try to get the Knightwatch costume.

Year One

Jason Todd didn’t always have access to Bruce’s money. And his early days as Red Hood were violent, low-budget, and the very definition of a vigilante. He was more like The Punisher than a member of the Bat-family.

Year One does a great job of bringing this design to life. It doesn’t have a lot of high-tech armor or gadgets, but it does show Jason’s military mindset through boots, padding, a jacket, and an undershirt. It’s the core of Red Hood’s design philosophy and Jason’s way of thinking about his work, and this costume is the best way to show that way of thinking.

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