10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Aerial Photography In Real Estate Now

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Drones are a very popular tool for real estate photographers. They can capture stunning images that make your property look like it’s been Photoshopped, but there are also some unique benefits to using drones that you might not have considered before. Here are ten reasons why you should start using aerial photography in your real estate business:

Drones can capture images that are more natural and organic.

Drones can capture images that are more natural and organic.

The most obvious benefit to using drones in real estate photography is that they can capture images that are more natural and organic than traditional photography. Most people associate drones with military applications, but today’s drone technology has evolved into a versatile tool for many types of businesses—including real estate agencies! Drones offer several advantages over traditional aerial photography:

  • They allow for unique angles of view not possible with any other type of aerial device
  • They enable you to capture your property from an entirely new perspective (i.e., from above) which provides you with a greater appreciation of how small things appear when viewed through the lens of a camera lens

Drones can be cheaper than traditional real estate photographer.

If you’re looking to get your property photography done, it can be a bit of a hassle. You have to find and hire a photographer who knows what they’re doing, who has experience with the type of photography that you want and needs, and then wait for them to get around to taking photos.

With drones on the other hand… Well, all that stuff can go out of your mind because drones are so much easier! You don’t have any input into where or when they take pictures; instead, just tell them exactly what kind of shots you want (like this one), where those shots should be taken (like here), or even if there’s anything special about them at all in terms of detail levels or angle choices—and let them do their thing!

Drones also come in handy when trying to capture remote properties or locations where people could potentially get injured while visiting your house/office etcetera…

Drones can capture aerial footage of the entire property in one shot.

Drones can capture aerial footage of the entire property in one shot.

You’ve probably seen drone videos before, especially on Instagram or YouTube. However, you may not know that drones are used in real estate as well! The benefits include:

Aerial photography has been shown to increase sales by 40%.

The growth in the real estate industry has been exponential over the past decade. With more people becoming homeowners, it’s no surprise that there are more homes for sale than ever before.

Aerial photography can help you increase your sales by 40%, which means you could be making twice as much money with this technique!

The best part is that aerial photography doesn’t require any special equipment or training; all you need is an airplane and some quality images from above!

Aerial photography is effective at promoting your business on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social media is a great way to promote your business. It’s not just about posting pictures of your beautiful homes on Instagram or Facebook, though! Aerial photography can help you get more likes, shares, and comments.

Facebook is a social media platform that has over 2 billion users worldwide (as of March 2019). Facebook lets you post photos in its “News Feed” section—the main thing people see when they’re logged into their account—and it’ll display these photos above all other content in newsfeeds around the world. If you have an aerial photography business in real estate and want some more exposure for it (which we all do), then this is definitely something worth considering!

Instagram was launched back in 2010 as an app where users could share photos with their friends by liking them or commenting on them; however, since then it’s grown into one of the most popular social media platforms out there today because it allows users to create accounts based around specific topics such as flooding/traveling etcetera…

Aerial photographs will make your clients feel like they are part of the process, which could potentially turn them into loyal customers.

If you’re looking for a way to market your business, drone photography is a great option. Not only can it help you stand out from the competition and get more customers, but it can also boost sales.

The best part? You don’t need any experience with drones or photography to start using them in real estate marketing! In fact, many people who’ve never flown one before are able to get started right away because they know someone who has been doing this for years—and if not them then maybe their neighbor or coworker knows how easy it is!


In conclusion, drones have become an essential tool for real estate photographers and videographers. They can capture images that are more natural and organic than traditional methods. Drones also offer a cheaper option compared to hiring a professional drone photography service, so it’s worth considering if you need some extra exposure!

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