About Cloud Ear Fungus

About Cloud Ear Fungus

Cloud ear fungus has been featured in Asian cooking since the sixth century. The Chinese call for cloud ear is mo-er, or “little ear”, apt because it resembles a human ear while sparkling. Cloud ears expand at the rotten branches of huge-leaf shrubs, along with mango wood, within the mountainous regions of India and China.

Cloud ear jelly is a species of fungus whose scientific call is Auricularia polytricha. In addition to being silky to the touch, it’s far distinctly elastic and gelatinous. This fungus can be between 2 and 8 inches in diameter and have just a few stems or no gills (ridges on the lowest of the mushroom); Instead, it has a tapered, cup-normal, fringed side. The color of a cloud ear is decided with the aid of the coloration of the tree it grows on, so it may vary from a deep yellow-brown to a darkish brown or black.

This mushroom is thought by way of many names, which include black Chinese mushroom, black fungus, and tree ear fungus. In Chinese cooking, it’s far called black treasure. It is bought clean and (often moreover) dried, and is distributed in stir-fries and soups. The cloud ear fungus is slightly greater luxurious than the shiitake (black) mushroom.

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Cloud Ear Vs Wooden Ear Fungus

Cloud ear is often stricken by timber ear (Auricularia auricula-judae), a related fungus that also grows on timber. They are both dark in color and form ears. Cloud ear is smaller and greater narrow than timber ear mushroom, but the forms of the fungus can usually be used interchangeably.

Use Of Cloud Ear

If using dried cloud ears, the mushrooms have to be soaked in warm water for at least 15 mins; They will flower many times in their regular form. The fungus must then be washed and the stem reduce off wherein it becomes attached to the wood of the tree. Before including dishes, clean cloud ears want to be cleaned, with the stems trimmed.

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How To Cook Dinner From Cloud Ear?

Depending on the recipe, the mushrooms may be served completely or cut all the way down to the correct duration and length for the dish. It needs to be reached near the time of frying so that it does not lose its crunchy texture; Dried mushrooms should be reconstituted earlier than they are delivered to the soup. Feel loose to feature cloud ear in any recipe that calls for black mushrooms.

How Does It Flavor?

Although the odor of dried fungus is strong with rich umami, cloud ear’s flavor is downright moderate and will take in the flavors with which it is cooked with miles. The sensitive, wrinkled fungus is prized for its slippery outer surface and meaty yet crunchy texture.

Cloud Ear recipe

Cloud ear is often added to hot and bitter soups and fried in dishes manufactured from mu-shu pork, egg rolls, fried rice, and Buddha’s Delight. It is also utilized in Sichuan and Hunan delicacies to absorb some of the highly spiced heat.

Where To Buy Cloud Ear Fungus

Dried cloud ear mushroom is a lot extra common than clean and is obtainable in plastic luggage in lots of sizes. It may be located online and in Asian markets. Depending on where you stay, you could additionally be capable of discovering it in supermarkets. Fresh Cloud Ear may be in Chinese markets however hard to locate.


Fresh cloud ear mushrooms will keep for some days inside the refrigerator whilst placed in a sealed zip-top bag. If saved in an airtight field, dried mushrooms should last as long as 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in a brackish, dry vicinity.

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