CCTV Wireless Security Cameras For Your Home: Tips To Buy It

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Since the inception of CCTV cameras, technology has been evolving. More people are embracing these devices in their homes for security purposes. Choosing one can be overwhelming with the numerous CCTV technologies, types and features. Before entering a shop to buy, you must know what to look for. 

To help you avoid making a mistake, here’s a guide on what to consider before buying:-

1. Night Vision

Night vision is the first thing to consider when buying a wireless CCTV camera. This feature is very beneficial to protect families and detect crime. Wifi CCTV cameras for homes allow constant monitoring of homes and businesses. The cameras with night vision use low light, thermal imaging and infrared illumination technology. Many infrared cameras range from 20m to 200m which covers a good distance.

2. Recorder

A good wireless CCTV camera must have a recorder to help document the day’s events. Most home cameras are motion-activated that record and send an alarm if they detect motion. Wireless CCTV cameras use the internet to transfer footage to a cloud-based server allowing you to view the video footage on any device anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. Getting a wireless CCTV for your home with a recorder should be on your list.

3. Resolution

The best wireless CCTV cameras produce footage with resolutions of 720p (1MP) and 1080p. It is best to go for a higher resolution to improve quality. You will also need more storage to record a day’s footage. A high-resolution camera might be worth it if you own a DVR that can store data in terabytes.

4. Camera Setup

Wireless cameras have no cords, so they are easy to install. The ease of installation depends on the location and mounting. When you choose cameras such as pan/tilt, the location might not affect installation. This camera can hang it anywhere and still get the desired results. It is important to go for easy-to-install cameras such as 360 home cameras.

5. Storage

Storage is another thing you need to consider before buying a camera. Mostly, people are unable to view footage despite recording it because of space constraints in the camera. Most CCTV cameras come with a built-in micro SD card slot. You can use a memory card of 32 GB or 64 GB or 128 GB. For higher efficiency, go for cameras with higher storage capacity.

6. Range it Covers

The distance a CCTV camera covers depends on the lens focal length and sensor size. You get clear images if the camera is closer to the subject. When buying outdoor CCTV cameras, remember they need a longer range. A good camera should be able to see at least 20 to 25 ft away.

7. Is It An Indoor or Outdoor Camera?

Indoor cameras are mostly dome-shaped, small in size, and good for homes and offices. Outdoor cameras are found on grounds, roads and airports, and markets. Most outdoor cameras are pan/tilt, which can zoom to cover more ground.

8. Lens Size and Sensor

In the market, there is a huge array of lens sizes. You can get them from 2.88mm to bigger focal lengths. You cannot compare lenses because of their different sensor sizes and qualities. For outdoor wireless cameras, you need a wider view, so a lens of 2.88mm is suitable. This may comprise the ability to identify people. So, always go for lenses and sensors that offer everything from clarity to wide angle.

Before purchasing a wireless CCTV camera, you need to research a lot. You must consider lens size, storage, the distance it covers, camera set up and resolution. It will help you get a camera that will suit your needs. You will be sure your family is safe from theft.

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