Everything You Need to Know About Piso Wifi Vendo

Everything You Need to Know About Piso Wifi Vendo

In Philippines, Piso Wi-Fi is considered one of the most popular and best

internet service providers. The foundation of Wi-Fi was firstly founded by

PISONET. It all started with Pisonet, it was named like this because only one

peso was required for internet connectivity. In 2017, Piso Wi-Fi was founded,

and since it has gained so much trust and popularity in its origin country.

Piso Wi-Fi is a rental internet service, which you can enjoy with just a few

coins. It is specially designed for people who cannot afford expensive internet

services. It works on the vending machine, so just by putting in the coins, you

can have access to the internet. You don’t have to be much educated for using

the internet, everyone can use Wi-Fi easily.


Although, Piso Wi-Fi has many features, out of which we are mentioning of

them below, hoping it will help you to know more about Piso Wi-Fi:

  1. Piso Wifi manages to operate with just 12-volt electricity.
  2. It has a high signal range.
  3. The Wi-Fi blocks suspicious websites automatically.
  4. You can enter 1, 5, or 10 peso coins in the vending machine.
  5. 200 -300 CPE Antenna is used.
  6. Piso Wi-Fi lets you connect over 200 devices at the same time.
  7. Every user receives the same bandwidth.
  8. Installation is not required to operate.


To know in detail about Piso Wi-Fi, it is important to know the benefits as well.

For that, we listed some below:

  • As we discussed, the internet is too expensive in the Philippines,

           Piso Wi-Fi is certainly an affordable option for people.

  • The single IP address can be used multiple times.
  • It does not hold a long process for it to operate, you can simply

           use it by entering the coin into the machine.

  • Piso Wi-Fi is a fabulous option if you are looking for

            secure and end-to-end encrypted security for your data.

  • It has a unique design that helps people to use it in the simplest

           way possible rather than go through the long installation


  • Also, one thing we must need to mention is that Piso Wi-Fi is one

           of the best internet providers in the Philippines, so you do not

           I have to worry about the speed and connectivity at all.


You will be amazed to know that you just need two things to set up the Piso Wi-Fi and those are:

  1. A router and
  2. The Internet

If you have both of these requirements fulfilled, you are all good to set up the

Wi-Fi, below are the steps to be followed for that:

  • First, you need to connect your available router to the Internet.
  • Once it is connected, second you have to open your router’s web-

            based interface. On the address bar of your browser, you have to

            type the code “” to open the interface.

  • After entering the code, click on “Enter”.
  • Now, you’ll be there on the web-based interface, it will ask you to

            enter your username and password.

  • Enter the asked details, next you have to search for the Wireless or

           Wi-Fi section in your router’s interface.

  • Now, simply enter the required information as asked.
  • After that, you just have to click on the “Save” button to save the

           changes that you have made and now can exit the router’s


By following the given steps you’ll be able to able to connect with your Piso

Wi-Fi network using a IP Address and Password.

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