How to Draw A Chef’s Hat Easily

Draw A Chef's Hat

How to Draw A Chef’s Hat. Most of the time, hats can be seen as a simple clothing accessory or fashion statement. Hats can also often be a recognizable symbol of a profession or sect of people.

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When you see a helmet, you think military; when you see a helmet, you probably think construction.

Likewise, a chef’s hat stands out and lets you know you’re dealing with a master of fine dining. There is no such hat, which makes learning to draw a chef hat fun.

How to Draw A Chef’s Hat

Step 1

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide to drawing a chef’s hat, this is quite a distinctive and instantly recognizable hat.

Small details can make drawing a bit complicated, but this guide will help you make it easier by breaking it down into smaller parts.

To begin this guide, let’s start with the base of the hat. To draw this, we’ll start with a slightly rounded square shape for the base of the hat.

This is part of the chef’s hat that sits on and around your head.

Next, you can draw a slightly curved line up the hat’s left side. Finally, let’s draw a more wavy line on the right side of the hat to complete this step.

Step 2

A chef’s hat’s peak is unique in its many sections that open away from each other.

We’re going to start drawing these small sections now, and since it can be tricky to get them right, we will do this in stages for the chef’s hat design.

You can draw the first of these sections by drawing a curved line under the one you earlier protruded from the left side of the hat.

Then draw some of these curved lines that connect until they lead to a long curved line that extends across the top of the hat.

It can be challenging to get it right, so try to copy our reference image exactly as you draw.

Step 3

In this third part of our guide to drawing a chef’s hat, you’ll add more fold sections to the hat.

These sections run across the front of the hat and are longer and wider than the side sections.

Each of these curved lines connects at the base to form a line at the top of the hat band. If you are happy with the look, we can move on to step 4!

Step 4

In this step, we will continue to add sections to the hat while also adding more to the top of the hat.

To do this, draw more wavy lines that you used to add more sections on the front of the hat.

When that’s done, you can slightly extend the line at the top of the chef’s hat to the right.

Then only a small gap remains, which we will finish in the next step, along with some final touches.

Step 5

In this step of our how-to-draw-a-chef hat guide, we will complete the final details and structure of the hat, so you are ready for the final step.

We mentioned the space left at the end of the previous step, and as promised, we will fill it now.

You can do this by using a few more curved lines to create the final sections of the hat. Again, these lines will be closer together than the ones in the middle of the hat.

Once these are drawn, you can end up with some final line detailing all over the chef’s hat. You could even add some personal touches!

One idea could be to draw a chef with a hat and use your head and face as a model.

Step 6

We’ll keep the colors quite light and subtle in this final phase of the chef’s hat design.

We used shades of blue in the details and folds of the hat to give it more definition.

Watercolors can be a great medium for these softer color types as they don’t overwhelm the drawing lines.

Remember to color in the background or any additional elements you’ve added!

Your Chef’s Hat Drawing is Finished!

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