Ice creams

Desserts are always welcome everywhere after and even before meals. Either early in the morning or late at night, in summer or winter, as a motivation or as treat, no situation or excuse is acceptable when it comes to these. They are pretty popular and are included in the whole course of meals too. There is a lot of diversity in the category of desserts. It includes cakes, biscuits, cookies, custards, jellies, and ice creams mainly.

Ice creams are the type of desserts that are frozen and made in different flavors in the tastiest of ways ever. They are made in different shapes, sizes, flavors, and types. They can be flavored on the basis of either spice such as cocoa to make chocolate or fruits such as strawberries. This indicates the high range of variety it can hold. They are made mainly from milk but the flavors are added then naturally or artificially too. These dessert types originated from frozen milk.

Cone ice creams

Ice creams are always in high demand whatever the conditions or the weather, season, etc. That is why the demand asks for more supply and ultimately more success and revenue generation for the company or the brand.

Protection of products

Protection of products is not an easy task especially in the case of ice creams because you have to take care of the temperature etc. too but you can do everything in a lot more simplified way such as Custom Cone Sleeves.

Ice creams are fragile products

UV lamination

UV rays are very dangerous and even more in the case of the edibles such as ice creams. For protection against UV rays, you can opt for UV spot lamination which avoids the entrance of any UV rays from any source.


The lamination is the basic step to avoid any further interference of waves or rays etc. The common lamination is of colors. This coating also has a very important role. For example, black color is the absorber of all colors and energy while white is the opposite of it as it emits all rays and colors. These kinds of knowledge are also important to be there in the mind of the designer in order to manufacture the perfect custom cone sleeves.


The way the cone sleeves are wrapped around the cone or the way the packaging of the ice cream is also very effective on how the whole look and protection ability of the cone sleeves are going to turn out.

Size of the cone sleeve

The size of the custom cone sleeves is very important to be taken care of by taking measurements of the ice cream cone very carefully. This will make the cone be comfortable inside the cone sleeve all the way to its destination.

The Thickness of the sleeve

The thickness of the material of the sleeve is going to determine the level of friction maintained or caused inside the sleeve making the environment for the ice cream. The ice cream should not melt.


The material of the cone sleeves has to be apt according to the thickness of the sleeves. Because the ice cream will melt if not done so. The most common ones are kraft, cardboard, and e-corrugated. For ice cream cones the texture, hardness, etc. might be different and it is worth it too.


The protection of products such as ice creams is very important. And not only that but ice creams are dibble. So it is even more important for them to be protected from all kinds of impurities. This is because health impacts can also be included here as people are going to eat the ice creams. For this reason and purpose, Custom Printed Boxes are used at the utmost. Making your custom sleeves attractive and equally efficient is not easy but not impossible either.

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