What Is a Health Coach? Benefits, Salary, and How to Become One

Health coaches assist individuals in thriving at their health just like sports coaches help athletes improve at swimming or soccer. Health coaching may be a game-changer in changing a person’s physical and mental well-being, whether by easing a chronic medical condition or simply adding more veggies to their diet.

A recent study showed that health coaching positively impacts a person’s body weight, cardiorespiratory fitness, cholesterol, and blood pressure. The outcomes are typically excellent because the people receiving health coaching experience a sense of empowerment when they take charge of their weight reduction process or adopt a healthy eating regimen. 

For those of you who are not very familiar with the role of a health coach, let us now discuss what a health coach is and how they contribute to your holistic well-being:

What is a health coach?

A health coach is a specialist who engages with patients (also known as clients) to create a behaviour change that eventually enhances their health. By becoming a health coach, you can assist your clients in achieving their health objectives and provide them with the necessary tools and motivation to incorporate healthy behaviours into their lifestyles. 

In health coaching, the client and the coach discuss health-related concerns.

Health coaches or personal wellness coaches assist their clients in overcoming mental obstacles, and scheduling time for meals, exercise or sleep by using behavioural techniques and motivational approaches. They use talk therapy and questioning and adopt a client-centred approach and positive psychology to help them take little steps towards bettering their health.

Benefits of Health Coaching

Health coaches supplement medical treatment alongside doctors and give patients the assistance they need to achieve their health objectives. By becoming a health coach, you can aid patients in developing strategies and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Health coaching can help people in the following ways:

  • Give patients the resources they require to enhance their treatment, well-being, and general health.
  • Encourage the patient to accept responsibility for their own life and health.
  • Provide the patient with responsibility and assistance as they pursue their health objectives.
  • Deliver practical suggestions, such as how to shop healthier at the supermarket or how to include meditation.
  • Change your habits to improve your blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index, fitness, and chronic medical diseases, including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity, over the long term. 

Salary Of A Health Coach

Health education experts and community health professionals in India earn anywhere between INR 3-6 lakhs annually. Additionally, these professions see substantially quicker job growth due to the growing demand for health coaches. However, the salary of personal wellness coaches is higher depending on their job role. These salaries may vary depending on the location and whether they work at a clinic or independently.

The health coaching industry is currently expanding, and its development prospects are excellent. Studies have often demonstrated how underdeveloped this market is in India. People need support, inspiration, and information to kick unhealthy habits and treat chronic diseases. Their need for empowerment and assistance has made health coaching a lucrative career option for youth. 

How To Become A Health Coach 

Becoming a health coach entails acting as a change agent for those who cannot alter their attitudes or habits on their own. Here are the first four actions to take to become a health coach: 

Skill Development

Along with expanding your understanding of healthy habits and medical situations, you should also work on developing your coaching abilities. There are several alternatives for honing your abilities to become a great health coach, like signing up for a diploma programme in health coaching, fitness training, or mindfulness exercises.

Expand on professional development.

Brush up on your professional growth and frequently speak out about your services because you work in a field that is sometimes viewed as unnecessary. If you decide to launch your own health coaching business, you’ll need to learn how to network and sell your services to potential clients.


The National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) reports that several organisations, including university programmes and private businesses, provide health coaching credentials. This directory might aid with your beginnings. These programmes adhere to the NBHWC’s established requirements for faculty credentials, teaching hours, and the development of practical skills. Compare the health coach program cost for different institutions before making the final choice.

Gain some practice

It’s time to put your study and training into practice once you’ve completed your certification requirements and training. By working under the guidance of another health coach, you can develop expertise. 


If you want to become a health coach, then Weljii is one of the best wellness institutes in India to look out for. They provide their students with the necessary training and certifications to help them launch their careers as health and wellness coaches. Weljii’s health and wellness coaching training courses are 100% online, and one can join these courses from anywhere in the country. For more details, visit their website today!

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