Which is Better, COD or PUBG?


This question has been on the minds of gamers ever since the release of PUBG. Both games are rated highly and have millions of players chasing their respective ranks and prestige. 

But which should you be playing? The simple answer is that it depends on what type of player you are.

Do you know PUBG ka baap kaun hai? Tencent Games is the developer and father of PUBG. Unlike Call of Duty, PUBG is a third-person shooter game that sees 100 players land on an abandoned island with nothing.

But their wits to win the battle royale and become the last man standing. While Call of Duty still has first-person shooter mechanics, it offers a little more than what PUBG offers.

It is difficult to answer the question of Referral code in hindi in favor of either game. Call of Duty is an excellent choice if you are partial to first-person games. But if you like third-person games with open options and choices, then PUBG is your pick.

Five Significant Differences Between PUBG and Call of Duty

Five significant differences between PUBG and Call of Duty will determine which game is better.

1. Gameplay:

PUBG offers more choices. In PUBG, you have to think to advance. You must move stealthily and make sure to keep your health meter full. At the same time, you must avoid sniper fire and other players.

In Call of Duty, all players can do is run around as a character dressed in a military uniform fighting in various places around the globe with no real purpose in mind (at least from what I’ve seen).

2. Weapons:

In PUBG, players only have one weapon. If they lose it, they have to search for another one.

In Call of Duty, players can carry a variety of weapons and equipment in their inventory and access them as necessary. Players can also modify these weapons to make them more lethal or efficient to their needs.

3. Graphics:

Graphics in PUBG are better than those of Call of Duty because the former has better colors and designs that make it more attractive to play the game.

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4. Multiplayer Game Modes

PUBG offers players a multiplayer mode where they can play against other players on a war-torn, deserted island with a beautiful and vivid look.

In Call of Duty, players can go head-to-head and battle other players using their mercenaries in various combat situations. However, this isn’t always the case, as some PUBG servers also have it in place.

5. Map Size and Location:

PUBG has a higher number of maps than Call of Duty. Call of Duty is set in a world where you fight one another on prominent map locations. It also has a variety of maps, from snowy mountains to beautiful city maps.

In contrast, PUBG plays its game on an abandoned island surrounded by the sea. The enormous map has no clear boundaries for players, making it harder to find their way back home when they lose the game.

Therefore, these are the five significant differences between PUBG and Call of Duty. Both games have become exceedingly popular in recent years.

So, if you find one more suited to your preferences, go ahead and stick with it. However, don’t focus on just one game if you want to experience a variety of video games.


The answer to the question of which is better between PUBG and Call of Duty will always be a question that has no definite answer. It comes down to whether you like first-person or third-person shooting games.

Unlike PUBG, Call of Duty allows you to choose your position on the map from any available location. You are not limited to a particular spot or Location as PUBG does.

Both games have their pros and cons, but there are things that one can learn from playing both types of games.

So, if you can’t decide which game you want to play right now, start playing PUBG and Call of Duty one by one, and we suggest you keep gaming.

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