6 Best Glove Abilities And Upgrades In Atomic Heart


In Atomic Heart, P-3 has a few useful glove skills thanks to Charles, but which is the best?

In Atomic Heart, Char-les, the talking glove, is one of the first things people will notice. This A.I. character gives P-3, the main character of the game, some skills that aren’t natural. These skills can be used to get loot, solve puzzles, and fight. Even though Atomic Heart only has a few abilities to choose from, each one has a tree of skills that can be changed to suit the player’s needs and offers a wide range of changes.

At NORA robot stations in Atomic Heart, you can buy new abilities and upgrades for your gloves. There are a lot of these in the game, and they’re usually near a save point. However, players should be aware that these robots aren’t always just workstations; sometimes they have their own aloof and promiscuous personalities. Neuropolymers are the game’s currency and can be found in chests, drawers, desks, and enemies. They can be used to buy new skills and improve existing ones.


Shok is the basic ability in Atomic Heart. It lets Charles shoot a small electrical bolt at enemies or things. This is best used to stop enemies from coming at you, buy more time to heal, and interact with things like locked doors and CCTV cameras, which may require you to use this skill to get past them.

“Chain Lightning” and “Extended Topology” can be added to Shok when he is upgraded. With these upgrades, it becomes a powerful weapon with a wide area of effect that does heavy damage to multiple enemies at once. It also does extra damage to robots, which are the most common enemies P-3 faces during the campaign. So, Shok is important, which is probably why it is given to you for free at the start of the game.


This ability sends out a cold blast that can freeze enemies, deal damage. And give the player a small window of time to do free attacks. There are a lot of good upgrades for Frostbite, but “Careful Disassembly” is one of the best because it gives players more items when they loot enemies that have died.

As for the attack itself, “Absolute Zero” will be the most powerful attack in the skill tree, doing a lot of damage to both living and artificial enemies.

Mass Telekinesis

Mass Telekinesis is a strong area-of-effect power that is most useful when P-3 is fighting multiple enemies at once. This is because the power can link them all together and lift them into the air, letting the player attack from a distance. “Forced Fall Acceleration” does exactly what it says it will do. It will slam enemies into the ground to do more damage and often kill them.

The “Increased Power” ability is another important upgrade that lets players lift heavier enemies, including bosses. This is the most interesting and useful ability, and the animations are the most fun to watch as PS-3 uses the slam ability to quickly break apart his mechanical attackers.

Polymeric Jet

Polymeric Jet might not be the best way to use Atomic Heart against most enemies. But it helps against some bosses and can be useful when it’s upgraded. But this is usually a weaker tool than others. Its basic ability slows down enemies, but not as well as Frostbite.

It does the most damage when it is used with the “High Viscosity” and “Mixture Efficacy” upgrades. With “Increased Chemical Reactive Distance,” the Polymeric Jet can be turned into a very powerful area-of-effect weapon against groups of enemies. But it is not as powerful as Shok or Mass Telekinesis when it is upgraded.

Polymeric Shield

This ability will make you more resistant to damage, which can be helpful. When fighting bosses or when you are outnumbered. “Med Unit Feedback” is the most useful upgrade because it turns damage done by enemies into health. This can be very important when an Atomic Heart player is close to running out of medical supplies.

“Sponge Effect” works the same way. It turns damage from enemies into energy, which lets P-3 use more abilities in a row before it runs out. On harder difficulties, the “Kinetic Reflector Upgrade” can also be useful because it deflects critical hits, preventing massive amounts of damage that would end 8 Ball Pool game.

Energy Management

If a player can get better energy, weapons and abilities that use it will drain it more slowly. This will increase the player’s damage output and give them a big advantage over most of their opponents. “Energy Density” will double the total amount of energy stored. And it’s best to buy it early so that it can help other weapons and skills the most.

“Greedy Guts” will make energy abilities take less time to cool down. When these two upgrades are used together, players will be able to get twice as much energy at half the normal cost. This skill tree is the first one to work on. Because it helps all of the other glove skills in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart came out on February 21, 2023, and you can play it on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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