Switzerland is a gorgeous tourist destination with beautiful lakes, high peaks, quaint villages, majestic Alps, towering castles, amazing mountains, endless snow spots and so on. Switzerland also has fascinating history and impressive architecture. All of these together make Switzerland a great place for a perfect vacation.

So, if you’re looking for historical places in Switzerland, here is a list of such places to visit during your Switzerland Honeymoon Packages

  1. Lion Of Lucerne

This dying lion symbolize the soldiers’ strength, courage and willingness to die. This monument is to remember the Swiss guards who were massacred during the French revolution. This is also known as the saddest monument in the world. This place is a major tourist attraction and there is no entry fee here.

  • Grossmunster

Grossmunster is one of the most important churches in Zurich and it is told that the church was built on the graves of city’s patron saints. You can find some architectural masterpieces such as the Romanesque crypt, choir windows, the stained glass windows, bronze doors, cloister reformation museum and you can also find some gothic features and wall paintings.

  • Chillon Castle

The Chillon Castle is located on the banks of Lake Geneva and one of the most visited historic buildings in Switzerland. You can reach Montreaux from here. Historic paintings on the walls from 14th century and few more attractions makes this place a major tourist destination. The ticket price depends upon the seasons and the events going on there.

  • Chapel Bridge

It is one of the oldest surviving bridges in the world. This bridge was originally 200 meters long but it is only 170 meters now due to shortenings. This bridge has marvelous paintings in the roof of the walkway. The paintings tells us the tales of the city’s history and it has other intricate drawings too.

There is no entry fee here.

  • St Pierre Cathedral

This church is located in Geneva and it is over 850 years old. St Pierre cathedral is one of the popular religious sights in Geneva. This is an old, spacious building with plain interiors but it is highlighted by candle like chandeliers and it also has several benches and few chapels. There is an archaeological site below the cathedral. You can also visit the International Museum of Reformation located in the north side of the cathedral.

  • Fort Vallorbe

This historical site is located in the Jura mountains and this is an underground fortress which is now modified into a museum. This fort was carved out of rocks in 1945 and the main fort is surrounded by four small bunkers. You can get the idea of military’s condition of life, their confinement and this place contains weapons, armaments such as cannons, machine guns, missile launchers.

  • St Moritz Leaning Tower

This leaning tower is one of the most spectacular sights and it was part of the old church St Mauritius and the church was destroyed in 1893. The height of this tower is 33 meters and this tower is from the 12th century.

  • Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is one of the most popular and powerful waterfalls in Europe. This place also offers fun activities such as boat rides, zipline and few more. There are also few viewing points where you can just enjoy the beauty of the falls. You can also visit a castle nearby called Schloss Laufen Castle on the Southern banks of the falls and this castle is said to be more than 1000 years old. You can see the largest waterfalls in Europe, Rhine falls from this castle and you need to pay an entry fee for the castle.

These are some historical places in Switzerland and if you are a history lover do not miss to visit these places during your trip.

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