A Complete Guide for Mail Forwarding and How to Do It

A Complete Guide for Mail Forwarding and How to Do It

Email forwarding is re-sending an email to one or another recipient’s address. A common factor ensures the steady flow of data when working in a set of groups. 

When you come to email, forwarding which has two options such Manual email forwarding and automatic email forwarding. 

Manual email forwarding means sending a message from the inbox to another email address separately, but you come to automatic mail forwarding, which redirects different incoming emails to another mailbox according to certain criteria. 

In the below words, you cover how to forward email messages using email programs such as gmail and outlook. Let us explain Mail forwarding services in the US to benefit and share different tips on how email forwarding works. 

Using Gmail:

With the help of gmail, you can follow the Mail forwarding service in two methods such as manual and automatic forwarding. 

It gives a detailed method below. Regarding the computer interface, you must follow a similar step if you use the gmail mobile app.

Step to forward an email manually:

  • Users have t login into their Gmail account, navigate to the bar, and then hit the inbox option.
  • Now find and open the respective email message you want to forward to others. 
  • Now click the option of the forward button. 
  • Then you must enter the email address to the right address into the field of “TOP” when you need more than one address, and you have to separate them by using the option of “commas.”
  • You must add Cc and Bcc recipients by hitting the same button. 
  • When you type a message about a forwarded email, you must do so about the message in the respective body of the email. 
  • When the message you need to forward holds an attachment, and you wish to remove it by simply clicking the button next to the attachment. Then you need to add the fresh attachment which you want to send. Then you click over the option of the attached file, which shows below.
  • Finally, you must edit and message by hitting the send option button on the same email page.

Hence, following the above steps is safer to go with a Mail forwarding service. 

Step to follow automatic forwarding:

The steps must show how to step up the Gmail account to automatically send with end number of emails to another email address. Therefore you must remain in that mind its merthod function in the PC. 

  • Open the Gmail inbox and set the gear icon over the page’s top right corner.
  • Choose the option of the see-all setting 
  • Navigate to forwarding and POP/ IMAP tab, and click on to option of an add forwarding address. 
  • Enter the option of forwarding email address and hit click the next option. 
  • A new window must appear to ensure the forwarding address is correct, and click the proceed option. 
  • Gmail will send verification to the inbox and hit click on the verification link and the code as a requested option. 

Using the outlook:

It provides the same as Gmail, like manual and automated email forwarding, which will be discussed below. 

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 Step to forward and email manually:

  • The user has to log into the respective outlook account with the user name and password and then go to inbox.
  • Now find and hit on open mail which you are going to forward. 
  • You have to read the pane that finds the content of the email and now continue by choosing the option of “Forward.”
  • Then submit the email address at the top and use commas to add other multiple addresses in the To, Cc, and Bcc section. It gives more content and adds a message over the email content. 
  • Finally, hit the send button to forward the email easily.

Step to automatic forwarding with outlook:

When it comes to automatically forward with the help of the Outlook mail forwarding function according to the specific rules, it forwards a message which meets some terms and conditions. Hence you must follow the following steps. 

  • Open the Outlook inbox and choose the option of setting to improve icon over the top of the corner on the right page.
  • Choose the “view all outlook setting “
  • Navigate to mail and rule and add a new rule
  • Then you must name the rule when you want to have some example, “automatic forwarding” you must add a condition in the field and choose “apply to the message.”
  • Then choose the forward option to form and add an action to the drop-down menu option in a safer manner.
  • Now you have to add a new field and fill in the forwarding address. 
  • Click and save to keep the setting. 


On choosing the right Mail forwarding service from a certified US Company. It is active and provides quality forward service at an unbeatable price.

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