Outbound Calling Software

Outbound calling software is a suite of tools and applications that enables sales, marketing, and support agents to make calls to existing and potential customers.

Outbound calling software is an effective tool for a variety of purposes, including generating new leads and closing deals. It also allows companies to manage high-volume outbound calls.


The leading outbound calling software, Novocall, automates business conversations to increase sales conversions. The platform helps convert web traffic into qualified calls and links them to analytics platforms (Google and Facebook) for accurate attribution.

The system also provides call recording capabilities, allowing your reps to record information about each contact. This can be helpful for identifying potential opportunities for training and improving your team’s performance.

It also allows you to route calls to sales representatives based on language and location. This feature is helpful if your business operates across multiple locations, and needs to cater to different languages.

In addition to that, the outbound call software should integrate with popular CRM tools. This will allow your CRM tool to automatically create a profile for each contact, making it easier for your different business functions to access the information.

A Novocall alternative should be easy to set up and provide intuitive user experience. This will ensure your team can get back to achieving their targets without spending excessive time on manual tasks.


VanillaSoft is a cloud-based auto dialer sales management solution designed for telemarketing companies and home agents. It combines CRM, lead management, and telemarketing features that help agents optimize their sales processes, improve productivity, and boost sales.

Its queue-based lead routing and intelligent lead management functions enable a team to prioritize leads according to their business needs. This helps sales reps to get the next-best lead quickly and stay focused on new opportunities.

Moreover, VanillaSoft offers call recording capabilities, which allow reps to record and comment on calls with prospects. This feature can be used for training and coaching purposes.

VanillaSoft also offers advanced lead management and scoring features that enable teams to manage large volumes of leads efficiently. They can set custom formulas to evaluate leads as they come in, and then prioritize them by job title, company revenue, or geolocation data, ensuring that the right rep is talking to the right lead at the right time.


Integrated outbound calling software like Voicent can help you stay in touch with customers – and make them feel valued. Whether it’s by delivering information about an upcoming event, or offering an introductory offer for a new product or service.

With Voicent’s predictive dialer, your agents will focus on phone conversations with customers rather than spending time making calls that are unproductive or wasting your campaign’s bottom-line. Predictive dialing will automatically skip busy, disconnected and no-answer lines, and optionally leave a voice message on answering machines.

Your agents will also love the ability to track their progress and view real-time summaries of each campaign. All calls will be displayed in a CRM popup screen so they can enter notes, pull up a contact’s history and purchase histories and more!

The Call Center Manager module within Voicent is designed to help you manage your outbound call center and ensure regulatory compliance. It helps you control your call volume pacing, set dropped call rate thresholds and monitor agent productivity with a few simple clicks.


CloudTalk is a unified communications platform that integrates calls, chat, meetings, voicemail, video and enterprise contacts in one easy-to-use interface. It’s a VoIP call center solution that helps startups, scale-ups and SMEs improve customer engagement.

The best part is that it’s free to try. This makes it an ideal option for small businesses and startups who want to start using a phone system as soon as possible without breaking the bank.

With CloudTalk’s call center software, you can maintain a local presence with an international number, run your virtual call center from anywhere in the world and keep track of calls across departments with advanced features like smart queueing and custom reporting.

CloudTalk’s synchronization of call details to helpdesk tools such as LiveAgent is useful for boosting sales and support efficiency. When a client calls in, CloudTalk automatically sends the caller’s ticket number and length of call to LiveAgent and synchronizes all contact information including notes, tags, ratings and communication history.

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